Twilight Runner

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Real Name: Curtis Raymond Stevens 
Dual Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student, Activist
Place: Umoja City, Georgia
Born: Umoja City, Georgia
Known Relatives: Beverly Stevens (Mother)
Known Allies: Protectors of the Native Order, Guardian
Known Enemies: Octel, the Victim
Usual Base of Operations:
His Mother's Home in Umoja City
Current Group of Membership:
Protectors of The Native Order
Known Education: College, Junior Level
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Known Powers:
Has the ability to run up to incredible speeds with increased dexterity – can mentally form 1/4 inch balls of light in front of opponents eyes causing them to see “stars” blinding them temporarily (about 5 minutes) – has the mental ability to form and dissolve alien costume about his body – can mentally heal fatal wounds with Native Order team help, if used in time – can have mental telepathy with beings who have average or strong mental powers (i.e. – Native Order, Guardian).

Known Limitations:
Can only form balls of light within 50 yards of his opponent – extreme physical or mental exertion could affect mental power efficiency – will become extremely exhausted after healing a fatal wound – human.

twilight-runner-runningtoright.pngKnown Bio:
Ever since Curtis was 9 years old, he always had a reoccurring dream about a ghostly human figure that would always look over him and protect him. Curtis felt connected to this being in some way but he didn’t know how. When Curtis was 12, his father mysteriously vanished and Curtis blamed the being for his father’s disappearance. After a while, Curtis got over his father’s vanishing and again began to feel comforted and protected by his dreams of the mysterious figure. Curtis grew up to become very active about causes, which would positively help his community grow into a productive unit. He was always known in his neighborhood for starting or leading organizations that would help shelter the homeless, provide support for battered women and children, feed the hungry, and have demonstrations or protests against drugs and crime in his community. Curtis was a one-man crusader… (Additional information on Curtis Stevens is classified, until further notice)

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