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The Indeegos

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This is a story about family and how it comes in many, many forms… 




You may not have a mother or a father or a sister or a brother, but who is there for you when you need someone? Who do you care for?…

These were the unwanted, the forgotten, the abused and thrown away. These are the children that nobody wanted, so they banded together and formed a family. Their caretaker?… An alien who gave them a nurogem, a powerful artifact which grants you a power based off of your personality traits… in exchange for a piece of your soul

These are the children who protect us from the creatures of the underworld, who would destroy us all, if it weren't for these kids… the unwanted, the forgotten, the thrown away


• Their first children's activity book encourages kids to color, problem-solve and memorize afro-centric symbols, characters, numbers and mazes!

• The book also tells the story of these wonderful children and introduces us to who they are!

• A must-own before they get their own comic!



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