Queen B

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Real Name: Maya Angela Brown
Dual Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Place: Umoja City, Georgia
Born: Ujima City, D.C.
Known Relatives: Xavier (Father), Jasmine (Mother),  Derric (Younger Brother)
Known Allies: Protectors of the Native Order, Guardian
Known Enemies: Octel, The Victim
Usual Base of Operations: Curtis Stevens Mother's Home in Umoja City
Current Group of Membership: Protectors of the Native Order
Known Education: College, Senior Level
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black-Brown

Known Powers: Ability to propel herself in air up to 100 mph – can mentally control movement and size of her cape up to 10 times its normal size (while controlling movement of cape, Queen B can wrap cape around victim, or carry people on cape, etc.) – has the mental ability to form and dissolve alien costume about his body – can mentally heal fatal wounds with Native Order Team help, if used in time – can have mental telepathy with beings who have average or strong mental powers (i.e. – Native Order, Guardian).

Known Limitations: Will become extremely exhausted after healing a fatal wound – extreme physical or mental exertion could affect mental power efficiency – human.

queenb-cape-attack.pngKnown Bio: Maya is the oldest sibling of two very successful chemical and electrical engineers. Although Maya usually got what she wanted from her parents, it wasn't because of her usual spoiled attitude or bad temper. Maya was basically a second mother to her younger brother Derric, since their parents were always working. Even though Maya is only two years older than her brother, it seems to Maya that she has been taking care of Derric ever since he was born. When Maya was 10, the Brown family moved to Umoja City, because her father got a better position at an electrical plant. It was then when Maya got interested in jazz and African dance. Even when Maya got older and started going steady with a Daron Matthews, she always kept her dance as her own personal way to express herself and escape from the problems of the world. One night, after Maya discovered her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman, Maya went to the dance studio to get her anger out. As she was dancing ... (Additional information on Maya Brown is classified, until further notice)

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