The Volume Sets are HERE! The Volume Sets are HERE!!

I've been asked to do this for years now. I don't know why it's taken this long, but when you see the finished product, you'll agree it was worth it. 

I finally took the first story I ever put together, in a professional sense, and made it into its own book. Yes, MWANZO is finally its own complete graphic novel! The way it was supposed to be, the way I've always wanted to make it, but thought it would cost too much to produce... I've tried splitting it up and selling the whole story in six separate issues, but found whenever I sold them at events, people wanted the whole thing anyway! 

MWANZO tells the story of the first African-American team I created (and dare I say, THE first African-American super team EVER) and how these different individuals with their different personalities had to learn to work together to create super feats even they weren't ready for. When I decided to redo this story from scratch, I came up with a great idea: I'll have this MWANZO book tell the origin story of these guys from a different dimension, and then have my new idea storyline be the main universe! I was going to develop different dimensions to collide with my main one in the future anyway, so I might as well start with this one! Once I developed the story, it actually worked out great, because our characters in MWANZO are similar to but different than the new Protectors of the Native Order comic book series in enough ways, that when I finally make these two worlds collide, it'll make for some interesting character development.

So here it is, MWANZO - The Graphic Novel, in all of its 130+ pages of awesomeness! It will be available to purchase on February 26, but you can pre-order it right now! ALSO, if you are a fan of going to our live events, you know we always have something special at those, and Onyxcon in February will be no different. I'll have several of these graphic novels to sell at that event February 17-18th. Still haven't totally decided on if I will continue to even sell these online or make these exclusive to live events, so if you can't make it to a show, you might only have a limited time to get these books.

And speaking of my new Protectors of the Native Order series, I've decided to make that one into a volume set! Issues one through six have now been combined into one big super volume, so no longer do you have to wait and find out where/when we will sell the later issues (which I've been told, issues three through six are hard to find). Now you can get the whole six issues in one book, that's over 150+ pages which includes poster art and ALL the cover art of the series! This series follows the team of heroes along their journey of discovery in what I call the main Native Comics Universe. This universe is the world in which we all inhabit, along with the other heroes of my comic series G-ManSazz and the Indeegos. In this world our heroes are challenged from the very beginning with sinister villains and plot twists. This Protectors of the Native Order series is the most sought after of all our series, because it's the one most sold in the comic book and book stores. However, only issues #1 (and sometimes #2) are sold in stores. From time to time, I would sell #1 through #6 at live events, and I would always get requests from fans to sell every issue everywhere, all the time. Due to costs, I couldn't do that, but I've decided to combine the issues I've completed, and make its FIRST volume. Trust me, there will be a SECOND and THIRD volume set one day (I'm working on the long awaited issue #7 right now). 

This, along with the MWANZO book, will be showcased first at the Onyxcon in february, but you can Pre-order your own copy now. Again, along with the MWANZO book, I don't know if I will continue selling online, so if you can't make it to our events... what are you waiting for???