Black Nucleus

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Real Name: Derric Roderick Brown
Dual Identity: Secret 
Occupation: Student 
Place: Umoja City, Georgia 
Born: Ujima City, D.C. 
Known Relatives: Xavier (Father), Jasmine (Mother),  Maya (Sister) 
Known Allies: Protectors of the Native Order, Guardian 
Known Enemies: Octel, The Victim 
Usual Base of Operations: Curtis Stevens Mother's Home in Umoja City 
Current Group of Membership: Protectors of the Native Order 
Known Education: College, Sophomore Level 
Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 180 lbs 
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: Black

Known Powers: Can accelerate a combination of extreme heat and electricity from his hands in the form of a beam, called an electro-energy ray. The beam and its type of energy was de3rived from the X-Dimension – can cause an electro-energy shield or explosion with himself in the middle of the discharge. This shield of explosion can range a radius of a 1/4 mile. During the discharge, anybody within 5 feet of Black Nucleus will be safe, due to him being in the middle – has the mental ability to form and dissolve alien costume about his body – can mentally heal fatal wounds with Native Order Team help, if used in time – can have mental telepathy with beings who have average or strong mental powers (i.e. – Native Order, Guardian).

Known Limitations: Will become extremely exhausted after an electro-energy shield/explosion or healing a fatal wound – electro-energy beam loses its consistency and dissolves after reaching 100 yards – extreme physical or mental exertion could affect mental power efficiency – human.

blacknucleus-angry-smokin.pngKnown Bio: Derric, being the baby of the Brown family, was always spoiled as a kid. Even though his older sister, Maya, usually got what she wanted as well, being the youngest son of two very successful chemical and electrical engineers had its perks. Derric has always been a happy-go-lucky person who always has a wisecrack to say ab out one thing or another. When Derric was 8, his father got a better position at another electrical plant, and the family moved to Umoja City, where he met another kid named Curtis Stevens and they became best friends. Even though Curtis is only one year older than him, Derric always looked up to Curtis’ Ambition and drive and considered Curtis an older brother. In fact, one night before Derrric went to sleep, he had a strong feeling to help Curtis the next day with a homeless demonstration that Curtis was trying to organize. Derric, at first, wasn’t even going to bother with it, but this feeling he had was so strong, next thing he knew, he was at Curtis’ house. When Derric, Curtis, and one of their college professions Kennon Harris were at Curtis’ house making demonstration signs for the upcoming rally, Derric’s older sister, Maya, drove by to pick Derric up, but before they made it out the door... (Additional information on Derric Brown is classified, until further notice)

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